Russian Foreign Ministry: Hypocrisy is a tool of American Diplomacy

The Russian Foreign Ministry on Saturday called on American officials to pay attention to the affairs of their country and not to interfere in the affairs of other countries, noting that "hypocrisy is a tool of American diplomacy."

The Ministry posted a statement on its Facebook page, commenting on the declaration of the US embassy in Moscow of its support for the unauthorized demonstrations in a number of Russian cities in support of Alexei Navalny. The Ministry stated that the American mission did not write a single line in response to the protests of January 6 in Washington and the storming of the Capitol Building. It did not condemn the killing of 5 people and the arrest of more than 100 others, adding: “The whole world saw how your government turned the peaceful protests to violent ones  when the American police started shooting at the protesters ”.


The Russian Foreign Ministry’s statement continued, addressing US officials: “When will you be held accountable for repeated attacks by US police on Russian journalists who were covering protests in the United States during the year 2020.

The Russian Foreign Ministry concluded its statement by saying that hypocrisy is a tool of US diplomacy and has become more dangerous in the circumstances of the Corona epidemic, adding: “ Take care of your affairs and stop interfering in the affairs of other countries”.

In the context of its statement, the Russian Foreign Ministry condemned the "radical" incitement attempts by the US embassy in Moscow.

In a statement released by Russia Today website, the Ministry said that this is not the first time that the US embassy has shown its disregard for diplomatic rules and laws, as it publishes extensive reports on social networks in support of unauthorized protests in Russian cities.  “Actually there is  talk about encouraging acts of violence which are hypocritically labeled as peaceful protest to which its organizers draw even minors”, the Ministry noted.

The statement pointed out that it is more beneficial for the American authorities to be preoccupied with their internal problems, including addressing the deep discord within American society, which was the result of social injustice, inequality and the pursuit of other opinions.

In the conclusion of the statement, the Russian Foreign Ministry affirmed that the leadership of the US embassy in Moscow should prepare for “a serious conversation ”at its headquarters.

It is noteworthy that the American diplomatic mission in Moscow announced, against the background of news of gatherings of supporters of Russian Alexei Navalny, that it was following up  "reports" of what it described as "protests" in 38 Russian cities.

In the meantime, the spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, called on the United States to deal with its problems and not to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries.

Several Russian cities witnessed unauthorized rallies and demonstrations in support of Navalny.  Russian anti-riot officer was wounded in Moscow during the clashes that took place with the protesters.


Inas Abdulkareem