Aksenar: Erdogan's policies are failing by all accounts, internally and externally

On January 23rd, the leader of the Good Party (IYI Party)  in Turkey Maral Akshenar said  that the policies of the President of the Turkish regime, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, are failing by all standards, internally and externally.

Akshenar called on him to stop supporting terrorist organizations and interfering in the affairs of Syria and Libya.

“Erdogan should stop interfering in the internal affairs of neighboring Syria and Libya, cut off his ties with armed groups and enter into direct dialogue with the Syrian state,” Akshenar said.


“Erdogan has brought Turkey to an unenviable situation. He has eliminated democracy and takes all internal and external decisions on his own, which has created enough problems for Turkey and there is no escape from them except by getting rid of his regime,” Akshenar said.


O. al-Mohammad