Maduro shows his country's readiness to establish a "new path" with the American administration

Caracas, (ST)  - Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro expressed his country's readiness to open a new page with the administration of US President Joe Biden, calling for the establishment of a "new path" for relations between the two sides.

"We are ready to take a new course in our relations with the Biden government based on mutual respect, dialogue, communication and understanding," AFP quoted Maduro as saying in a speech, adding that he is ready to cooperate with the new US administration.


Venezuela has been exposed to US attempts to interfere in its internal affairs and destabilize it by tightening the economic and financial sanctions and supporting the right-wing forces to revive their plans to dominate this country that has huge oil wealth and to turn against the legitimate president by using all means, including violence and chaos.

Maduro announced that a pipeline belonging to the National Oil Company had been hit by a terrorist explosion, saying that, the attack had caused a huge fire that was later controlled by the workers of the National Oil Company.

Maduro considered that this terrorist action was aimed at affecting the country's gas supplies, describing the perpetrators of the attack as "terrorists and cowards."

Raghda Sawas