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Czech MP condemns US aggression on Syrian territories, says Syria needs assistance to rebuild what the war has destroyed not bombardment

Member of the European Parliament for the Czech Republic Katerina Konecna condemned the American aggression on sites in Deir Ezzor near the Syrian-Iraqi borders.

"This aggression which was carried out by the new American administration is the worst action a major power can ever do as it comes while Syria is trying to rise again after the heinous war it has been exposed to," Konecna said on her facebook account.

"Syria needs assistance to rebuild what the war has destroyed and to bring back the displaced and the refugees to their areas. It doesn't need bombardment or attacks on its territories," the Czech MP added.

 On his part, Cuba's Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla condemned the US aggression, describing it as a flagrant violation of Syria's sovereignty and territorial integrity, as well as the international law and the UN Charter.

Hamda Mustafa