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Egyptian writer: American attacks on Syrian territories serve US-backed terrorist groups

The General Coordinator of the Egyptian Popular Committee for Solidarity with the Syrian People Hisham Lutfi has condemned the American aggression on sites in Syria’s Deir Ezzor near the Syrian-Iraqi borders.

Lutfi, who is also an Egyptian writer and journalist, told SANA correspondent in Cairo that such attacks serve the interests of the US-backed terrorist organizations which are implementing the American-Zionist schemes on the ground.

He expressed his confidence that these attacks won’t affect the determination of the Syrian people and army to achieve complete victory and foil evil schemes.

The Egyptian writer regretted the silence of the international community over the American attacks, calling on international organizations to move with the aim of stopping such American crimes against the Syrian people, because these crimes threaten international peace and security.   

 It is time for all to show solidarity with the Syrian state, which is confronting the American attacks and schemes that target the entire region and threaten its security and stability, Lutfi pointed out.

Hamda Mustafa