Russia: We will not accept the continued presence of terrorists in Idlib

On October 18th, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Oleg Siromolotov confirmed that terrorists continue to use civilians in Idlib as human shields and target Syrian Arab Army positions, stressing that this situation cannot be accepted.

In an interview with TASS, Siromolotov said: “The terrorists use civilians in Idlib as human shields, target the positions of the Syrian Arab Army, and are constantly trying to attack the Russian base in Hmeimim using drones. Of course, we cannot accept this situation and our partners know this.”


Siromolotov stressed that Russia has contributed to “defeating international terrorism” in Syria, and said that “the process of infiltration of terrorists continues outside the region’s borders, which constitutes a serious threat to international security,”

Siromolotov noted that the Middle East and North Africa suffer from serious destabilization fraught with growing challenges to regional and international security.

Siromolotov added that what complicates the situation is the terrorists' focus on sabotaging and recruiting young people in the countries to which they return.

Siromolotov stressed that the general situation is exacerbated by the spread of the Corona virus on the one hand and the withdrawal of the United States from Afghanistan on the other.

O. al-Mohammad