A complaint to the Lebanese Public Prosecution Office against Geagea and Al-Bitar of the crime of terrorism

A Lebanese lawyer filed a complaint against the head of the Lebanese Forces party, Samir Geagea, and the judicial investigator in the case of the bombing of the port of Beirut, Tariq Al-Bitar, for a terrorism offense.

The Lebanese National News Agency stated that lawyer May Al-Khansaa submitted today a report to the discriminatory Public Prosecution in Lebanon against Geagea and Al-Bitar and all those who appear in the investigation as an actor, partner or instigator of the crime of perpetrating and financing terrorism, undermining the prestige of the state, committing crimes of sedition, contempt, and crimes against the law and the Lebanese constitution.


Last Friday seven Lebanese were killed and sixty others were wounded as a result of an ambush carried out by gunmen from the Lebanese Forces militia against peaceful demonstrators who came out to express their position rejecting the politicization of the investigation into the Beirut port explosion.


Sanaa Hasan