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Health condition of Palestinian captives Hajoj and Abu Srour deteriorating due to medical negligence in Israeli occupation jails

The Palestinian Prisoners and Ex-Prisoners Affairs Commission has warned that deliberate medical negligence and arbitrary practices by the Israeli occupation authorities have led to the deterioration of the health condition of the Palestinian captives in the Israeli jails - Ihab Hajoj and Ashraf Abu Srour.

In a statement on Saturday, the commission said that prisoner Hajoj, who was detained in 2014, has been suffering over the past three years from pain in his chest, neck and backbone that prevents him from moving easily due to the torture practiced against him by the occupation's jail authorities.

The Israeli occupation announces a plan to build 2540 new settlement units in occupied Al-Quds

The Israeli occupation has announced a new plan to establish more than 2540 settlement units in occupied Al-Quds that will completely isolate the village of Beit Safafa that links Al-Quds to the rest of the West Bank, in a blatant violation of international resolutions, mainly the UN Resolution No. 2334 of 2016 which affirms the illegality of the Israeli settlement building activities and calls for stopping them.

In its weekly report published on Saturday, the Palestinian Liberation Organization's (PLO) Bureau for Defending the Land and Resisting Settlements said that the occupation authorities announced a plan to establish more than 2540 new settlement units in occupied Al-Quds, 540 of which will be built on Palestinian lands in the Jabal Abu Ghneim area between Al-Quds and Bethlehem, and 2000 of them will be built in the east of Al-Quds. The bureau's report indicated that the establishment of these settlement units in these two areas will actually isolate the village of Beit Safafa from the rest of the Palestinian cities and towns and will undermine any opportunity to establish an independent Palestinian state with Al-Quds as its capital.

The Turkish regime authorities arrest 43 people under the pretext of the coup attempt

Ankara( ST): The Turkish regime authorities have arrested 43 people under the pretext of their association with the organization of the preacher Fethullah Gülen, whom the regime accuses of being behind the 2016 coup attempt. 

The Anatolia News Agency, the mouthpiece of the Turkish regime stated that Ankara police carried out simultaneous search and raid operations in 33 provinces and arrested 33 people after the prosecutor’s office in the capital issued arrest warrants for 53 people, including 19 soldiers who are still in service.

In the same context, ten people were arrested during raids in nine provinces, according to warrants issued by the Prosecutor General in Istanbul against 12 people on the same charge.


Lebanon severely denounces the Israeli attack on the vicinity of Damascus

Beirut (ST): The Lebanese Foreign Ministry condemned today in the strongest terms the Israeli aggression on the vicinity of Damascus the day before yesterday, stressing its refusal to use Lebanese airspace to target Syrian sovereignty.

In a statement issued by the ministry and transmitted by the Lebanese National Information Agency, the ministry said,  “We condemn any attack on the sovereignty of brotherly Syria, and we refuse to use the Lebanese airspace to target it, expressing its full solidarity with it in the face of the Israeli attacks.

The occupation forces arrest 7 Palestinians in the West Bank

Occupied Jerusalem (ST):  The Israeli occupation forces arrested today  seven Palestinians in separate areas of the West Bank.

Wafa news agency reported that the occupation forces stormed the city of Jenin and the towns of Beit Sahour in Bethlehem, Burin in Nablus and Dora in Hebron and arrested seven Palestinians.

Yesterday, the occupation forces arrested 12 Palestinians in separate areas in the West Bank.