Turkish Grain Board (TMO) plunders Syrian wheat and barley crops with the help of terrorists

Al-Hasaka, (ST) -  With the help of  the terrorists supported by the Turkish regime, the Turkish Grain Board "TMO" began looting the wheat and barley crops stolen from the Syrian Jazera region by opening its warehouses for this purpose after forcing farmers by force of arms and threat of displacement and killing to hand over their crops to centers run by Turkish terrorists and brokers in Ras Al-Ain in the countryside of Hasaka, to be then smuggled into Turkish territories through illegal crossings.

Media reports and civil sources from the city of Ras al-Ain stated that the Turkish Grain Board (TMO) began to complete the seizure and looting the wheat and barley from farmers in the city of Ras al-Ain in the northern countryside of al-Hasaka, after opening its warehouses more than two months ago for this purpose.

The sources indicated that the crops that are stolen from the farmers under pressure and threat are produced by agricultural lands that have not been destroyed by the fires made by the terrorists.

In a preemptive measure to steal Syrian crops and productions, the Turkish occupation forces and their mercenaries from the terrorist organizations have forced since the beginning of the current season farmers to hand over 15 percent of their fields' production after threatening to burn their agricultural crops in case they did not comply with the measures imposed on them.

Armed (Qasad) militia gunmen killed when a bomb exploded in the vicinity of the town of Tal Tamr, north of Hasaka

Hasaka,(ST)-The attacks continued against the sites of "Qasad militia" supported by the American occupation forces in the areas of their deployment in the Al-Jazera  region, where one of its gunmen was killed this morning when a bomb exploded in the Tal Tamr area northwest of Hasaka.

Local sources reported to SANA that a militia member of "Qasad" was killed when an explosive device planted by unknown persons in a car went off in the vicinity of Tal Tamer town in the northwestern countryside of Hasaka.

The sources pointed out that the attack took place today despite the measures taken by the militia recently with the support of the American occupation forces to limit the attacks that target their sites, and headquarters in the various areas of their deployment, which resulted in addition to the killing of dozens of its members and the injury of others during the past weeks .

A person was wounded in the explosion of a mine left by terrorists in Beit Tema in Damascus countryside

Damascus countryside ,(ST)-A person was wounded in the explosion of a mine left by the terrorist organizations in the village of Beit Tima, in the Qatana area in the southwestern Damascus countryside.

A source in the police command told SANA reporter today ,that a 22-year-old was injured by several shrapnel resulting from a mine explosion while he was shepherding his herd in the lands adjacent to the village, indicating that he was in serious condition and treated at Al-Mujtahid hospital in Damascus.

On the first of this month, a woman was injured by a mine explosion while she was working on her family's farm in the village of Beit Jinn in the southwestern Damascus countryside.

Program of regular flights from and to Damascus International Airport

The Ministry of Transport on Tuesday announced the dates of regular flights of Syrian airlines from and to Damascus International Airport in principle.
The ministry said that three flights to Cairo will be operated every week on (Saturday, Monday and Thursday), while two flights will be run to Beirut on (Monday and Tuesday) in addition to a flight to Khartoum on (Wednesday).
Basma Qaddour

Turkish-backed terrorist groups fire rockets on Syrian town

RAQQA, (ST)_ Turkish-backed terrorist groups fired rockets on Qaz'ali town in Tal Abyad region in Syria's Raqqa, according to local sources. 
The sources affirmed that the terrorist rocket attack left material damages in the town 
Basma Qaddour

2 members of US-backed militia killed in Syria

At least 2 members of the US-backed " Syrian Democratic Forces" militia were killed when unknown people attacked the militia's positions and vehicles in Hasaka and Der Ezzour. 
Local sources said that unknown people attacked one of the militia's checkpoints in al-Hol town in the eastern countryside of Hasaka, killing one member of the SDF militia [Its Arabic acronym is QASAD]. 

Al-Jaafari: The West distorts scientific facts & fabricates lies regarding Syria's chemical file

 New York (ST): Syria's permanent representative to the UN Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari affirmed that the representatives of some Western states deliberately distort scientific facts and fabricate lies regarding Syria's chemical files stressing the necessity of closing this file completely because Syria had met all the commitments that emerged when it joined the treaty that bans chemical weapons and has destroyed all its chemical arsenal since 2014.

During an informal UN Security Council meeting held last night via video conference at the request of Russia and China on Syria's chemical file, al-Jaafari referred to the grave wrongdoings and mistakes that dominated the work of the UN Disarmament Office and the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, pointing out that Syria cooperated with the UN and the OPCW to eliminate its chemical weapons and settle all pending issues, and this requires halting manipulation of this file and closing it completely as soon as possible because Syria had met all its commitments and destroyed all its chemical weapons and this was documented by the head of the joint mission in charge of eliminating the chemical weapons in Syria Sagred Kagh who submitted her final report to the UNSC affirming that Syria had met all its commitments and destroyed all its chemical weapons on board a US ship, adding that the same issue was affirmed by the OPCW which said that all the 27 facilities dedicated to produce chemical weapons were destroyed.