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Terrorists continue to prevent civilians from leaving through humanitarian corridors of Idlib and Aleppo to safe areas

Terrorist organizations in Idlib countryside and Aleppo southern countryside continued on Sunday to use civilians as human shields and prevent them from leaving through the humanitarian corridors in Abu al-Dahour, al-Habit, and al-Hader to  safe areas that the Syrian Arab army liberated from terrorism.

SANA correspondents stated that the parties concerned, in cooperation with the army units, provided the three humanitarian corridors with all logistical requirements to receive civilians wishing to leave the governorate, but the terrorist organizations continued to detain them and prevent them from leaving by all criminal means as well as threatening those trying to head to the corridors in order to use them as human shields.

Syrian army engaged in fierce fighting with terrorist groups in Idleb

IDLEB, (ST)_  The Syrian army units were engaged  today in fierce fighting  with al-Nusra Front terrorists and their allied groups in the eastsouthern countryside of Idleb. 

The fighting occurred when the terrorist groups attacked with heavy machine-guns the army positions at the axis of Abo Defneh town. 

The army units inflicted heavy losses upon the terrorist attackers and targeted their supply routes in the region. 

Prime Minister: Syria will overcome its predicament

DAMASCUS, (ST)_Prime Minister Imad Khamis has underscored that the major victories, which have been achieved by Syrian army and its allies over the past two years, have pushed the enemies of Syria to escalate military and economic wars. 

Speaking before the Parliament [The People's Assembly] in Damascus, the premier made it clear that the major victories of Syrian army and its allies manifested in liberating a large area from terrorist groups.

Army repels fierce attack by Jabhat al-Nusra on a town in Idleb southeastern countryside

IDLEB, (ST)- Syrian Arab Army units on Saturday repelled a fierce terrorist attack on the axis of Halban town in the southeastern countryside of Idleb, causing heavy losses to the terrorists and their ammunition.

SANA reporter said that the terrorists of Jabhat al-Nusra and its affiliated armed groups launched the attack after firing a heavy wave of rockets towards the military positions in the area, particularly in Tal Khatra which has recently been liberated by the Syrian Army, according to SANA reporter.

The reporter said that the army units monitored the moves of the terrorists, clashed with them and drove them away after killing and wounding many terrorists.

Syria continues doing its duty in fighting terrorism and protecting citizens from terrorist groups' atrocities: Foreign Ministry

 DAMASCUS, (ST)- Syria will continue doing its constitutional and legal duty in fighting terrorism and protecting the Syrian citizens from the atrocities of the terrorist groups pursuant to the principles of international law and the Security Council resolutions on combating terrorism like any other UN member country that adheres to its independence and sovereignty.

In two letters to the UN Chief and president of the Security Council, the Syrian Foreign Ministry said that every time the Syrian Arab army achieves progress in the fight against terrorism in different parts of the country, the countries supporting terrorism launch disinformation campaigns to deviate the attention of the world public opinion away from the Syrians' suffering because of terrorism, occupation and aggression.

The ministry pointed out that these countries have never been keen on protecting the lives of civilians, rather, they have been keen on protecting their investment in terrorism to implement their schemes.

Al-Mikdad calls for Palestinian unity to face American-Zionist schemes

DAMASCUS, (ST)- Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Faysal al-Mikdad has stressed that the Palestinian cause will continue to be Syria's main cause, despite the huge western pressure and the terrorist war targeting the country.

Al-Mikdad, who made the remarks on Saturday during his meeting with a delegation  representing the executive committee of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) led by Azam al-Ahmad, reiterated the need to  enhance the unity of the Palestinians in the face of the American-Zionist aggression.

He hailed the struggle of the Palestinian people against occupation and condemned the Israeli recent attacks targeting al-Aqsa Mosque.

Terrorists prevent civilians from leaving terrorist-held areas via humanitarian corridors for the sixth consecutive day

ALEPPO/IDLEB, (ST)- Terrorist organizations continued for the sixth consecutive day to prevent civilians from leaving terrorist-held areas through the humanitarian corridors of Abu al-Duhour and al-Habeit in Idleb countryside and al-Hader in the southern countryside of Aleppo which were set up by the Syrian Arab army to help those civilians leave to safe areas under the control of the Syrian government, according to SANA reporters in Idleb and Aleppo.

The terrorist groups are taking the trapped citizens as human shields to hamper the army's progress in its operations to uproot terrorism from the remaining terrorist hotbeds in the country.