Trump Disregards International Resolutions, Announces Intention to Recognize "Israel's Sovereignty" over Occupied Syrian Golan

NEW YORK, (ST)-Within the framework of his biased policy in favor of the Israeli occupation entity and his continuous sought to legalize the Israeli occupation of the occupied Arab territories, US President Donald trump announced his intention to recognize "Israel's sovereignty" over the occupied Syrian Golan, paying no heed to international resolutions on this important Syrian area.

In a tweet on Thursday, Trump shamelessly said that it is time for the United States to "fully recognize Israel’s Sovereignty" over the occupied Syrian Golan, which, he claimed, "is of critical strategic and security importance to Israel and Regional Stability".

The Syrian Golan was occupied by Israel in 1967.

Mrs. Asma Al-Assad to Mothers of Kidnapped Persons: Your Sons are Ours and Your Pain Is Ours

DAMASCUS, (ST)- On Mother's Day, March 21st, 2019, Mrs. Asma Al-Assad received a number of Syrian mothers whose kidnapped sons have not been released from abduction yet, according to the Syrian Presidency facebook page.

"Glory and Pride are to you, to your sons and to all who sacrificed for Syria to live…You as well as the mothers of the martyrs and the wounded have taught us that steadfastness, strength and even happiness despite pain are a decision we made to keep standing firm," Mrs. Asma told the mothers of the kidnapped.

Terrorist groups fire rocket shells on Shataha town, Hama countryside

Hama - Terrorist groups targeted with rocket shells safe areas in Hama northern countryside, in a new breach of the de-escalation zone area agreement.

SANA said that the terrorist groups on Thursday afternoon fired a number of rocket shells on the citizens’ houses in Shataha town in the northern countryside of Hama, causing material damage to the citizens’ houses and their properties.

Authorities find different sorts of weapons left behind terrorists in Homs

Homs – Authorities on Thursday discovered different sorts of weapons left behind terrorists in the northern countryside of Homs province.

SANA said that medium-sized machineguns, rifles and sniper guns and satellite devices were among the found weapons.

Army units eliminate terrorist groups in Hama countryside

Hama - Army units thwarted an infiltration attempt of terrorist groups from Lahaya village into military points and safe areas in the northern countryside of Hama Province.

SANA clarified that the army units killed members of the terrorist groups and destroyed their weapons.

In al-Ghab valley, SANA said that an army unit destroyed dens of terrorists in the village of Jisr Beit al-Ras, killing many of the terrorists.

SANA added that army destroyed vehicles for “Jaish al-Ezza” terrorists and killed 10 of them in al-Latamina and Latmin in northern Hama.

Army units also targeted with missiles and artillery strikes  dens of “Jabhat al-Nusra” terrorist in Kafar Zita in northern Hama.

After Years of Displacement by Terrorism, Hundred of Syrians Return to Their Village in Homs Countryside

HOMS, (ST)- After eight years of displacement by terrorism, Hundreds of displaced Syrians returned to their al-Boweida al-Sharqiya village in al-Qseir area of Homs southern countryside.

Upon arrival in the village, the Syrian flag was hoisted amid chants greeting President Bashar Al-Assad and hailing the Syrian Arab Army's sacrifices to ensure the return of the displaced people after terrorists gangs have been defeated and driven out from al-Qseir.

Fresh terrorist rocket attack in Hama countryside causes only material damage

Hama - Terrorist groups repeated their breach of the de-escalation zone agreement and fired rocket shells on al-Rasif town in Hama northern countryside.

SANA said that terrorist groups positioned in Idleb southern countryside and Hama northern countryside on Wednesday morning fired a number of rocket shells on the locals’ houses in al-Rasif town in al-Suqailbiya in the northern countryside.