Qadri Jamil: Members of So-called "Friends of Syria" Group are Syria's Enemies

 MOSCOW, (ST) - "Those who call themselves "Friends of Syria" are not Syria's friends, but rather, they are her enemies as they keep calling for foreign intervention in the country's affairs, Qadri Jamil, member of the leadership of the internal Syrian opposition "Popular Front for Change", stressed in a statement to the Russian Itar Tass news agency upon his arrival in Moscow for talks with Russian Foreign Ministry officials.

"How can those, who don't let the Syrians to solve their problems by themselves and who don't want the crisis to be settled peacefully, be friends of Syria," Jamil wondered.

He described the "opposition coalition" formed in Doha as weak, stressing it can't stay for long.

Regarding chemical weapons claims, Jamil said the goal is to create a base for intervention in Syria. He likened this propaganda to that launched about the "myth" of mass destruction weapons existing in Iraq.

Concerning the deployment of Patriot missiles in Turkey, Jamil said the Americans have for long been keen to deploy such systems in the region."

A delegation from the opposition Peaceful Change Forces Coalition, led by Qadri Jamil and member of the Coalition leadership, will meet with Russia's Foreign Minister Sergi Lavrov, and his deputy Michael Bogdanov for talks on national dialogue developments in the light of the National dialogue Forum recently held in Tehran.

H. Moustafa