Syria Friends Meeting, Farce

LONDON,(ST)_ Meeting of the so-called "Friends of  Syria" group in Marrakech is just a farce with silly confessions, Said Haytham Manna, head of the Syrian Opposition Coordination Committee.

"We hope that the international community be more serious and deal with all the spectrums of the Syrian opposition not to be limited to pro-West factions," Manna said in a statement to the United Press International.
Manna, who feels optimistic about the ongoing discussions aiming to launch the second Geneva Initiative, said that if the U.S Administration was able to isolate the Syrian and foreign extremists, and the Russian leadership succeeded in distancing the opposed parties, which reject political settlement in Syria, political solution would become easier.

In a statement to As-Safir newspaper, Manna described the external opposition meetings in Doha as a conspiracy by them to share gains without caring about Syria's interests.

Manna stressed that keenness by Gulf and Western countries to make the fragmented opposition represent the Syrian state, opposition and people is nothing but a serious attempt to undermine the possibilities of attaining a civil democratic transition in Syria, as "hopes of unifying the opposition parties have got a strong blow."