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Scores of Civilians Martyred , wounded by Terrorists Explosion in Qatana

 GOVERNORATES , (ST)- Bodies of 16 martyrs including  7 children and several women  arrived in martyr Khaled Saqqa Ameini hospital as a result of a new crime committed by armed terrorists in Qatana area  in Damascus countryside, according  to a source at the hospital.

The  source added that  other 23 civilians  including women and children were admitted  to the hospital, many of them in critical health conditions.

The terrorist explosion  by a booby trapped  car which was detonated in Raas al-Nabaa residential area  near Michael Simon school resulted  also in heavy material losses in cars,

, shops , residential buildings and the  infrastructure at the site of the explosion.

In Aleppo countryside, scores of terrorists were killed or wounded when the armed forces attacked their concentrations in al Meselmieh area,  whereas  many others  were killed and others fled away when one army forces  units clashed with them on Aleppo-Al Meselnieh road.

Several workers  of Jandar company  for electric power generation  were wounded  when one terrorist  group targeted their coach while heading to their work  on Thursday morning  on Jandar road in Homs countryside.

Syria Times