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Citizens' needs top PM talks with Idleb MPs

DAMASCUS,(ST)_Once again, Syria underscores that it would realize victory over its enemy thanks to unity and determination of its people and army.

Prime Minister, Dr.Wael al-Halqi, said on Thursday that Syria would soon come out of the crisis victorious notwithstanding all challenges that are facing it, according to SANA.

In a meeting with MPS representing Idleb province, the premier talked about the pivotal role of the MPS in enhancing national unity, reconciliation and dialogue, and explaining the conspiracy hatched against the homeland.

This conspiracy, as elaborated, aims at shredding Syria's unity and destroying its national economy. He noted the importance of integration between executive and legislative authorities to draw up strategic policies and issue laws related to notch up comprehensive and sustainable development.

The premier also briefed the MPs on the great efforts being exerted by the government to meet citizens' needs as regards food, oil derivatives and electricity.

As for bread case, stressed that the government has adopted urgent procedures through installing four additional production lines in Damascus and its countryside plus importing flour.

Regarding power outage, the PM clarified that armed terrorist groups' repeated attacks on electricity stations are behind this outage, adding that every possible effort is being exerted by circles concerned to repair damages in this sector.

On the other hand, the MPs discussed with the PM development and services situation in Idleb including sectors of education, health and agriculture.

The PM cited necessity of cooperation between local community and civil society as well as governmental circles in protecting private and public properties.

The MPs, thanked armed forces for pursuing terrorist groups to restore stability and security to Syria, stressing that principle of dialogue and tolerance is the only way to halt the crisis.

Basma Qaddour