Terrorists Eliminated in Several Areas




GOVERNORATES,(ST)_  Army units on Friday continued  operations in chasing armed terrorists  terrifying citizens and committing acts of murder, vandalism, burglary and robbery in  Hujeira, al-Zeyabeyah and Shabaa in Damascus countryside and left them killed or wounded.

The operations resulted  in killing several terrorists in Hujeira including  Wael al-Marzouki and Jum'a al-Sahmani, while another army group confronted  terrorists while  attacking  civilians in  al-Hujeira  and  left them killed or wounded an official source reported.

The source added that 6 terrorists were killed in al- Zeyabeyah including terrorist hasan Jalila while one mortar ambush was destroyed, implanted  by terrorists inside  residential areas in the town  to target civilians.

In Shabaa  town , one army unit clashed with terrorists who committed acts of  robbery and killed huge number of them.

In the context of its  national mission to restore security and stability to the city of Aleppo and its countryside, the armed forces  destroyed  terrorists shelters and concentrations  and the weapons inside them.

One army unit destroyed 6 cars, including weapons and ammunition and one headquarter for the armed terrorist groups, in al-Jalaghiem  area and  its surrounding in al-Sfeera, while in the city of Aleppo, several terrorists were killed or wounded  when the armed forces attacked their concentrations  in al-Ansari area , around the castle of Aleppo, near al-Maesraneyah school, Bani Zeid, and near Fatemah mosque in al-Sukkari area.

In Deir ezz Zour, the armed forces clashed with one terrorist group in " workers" quarters  in the city and left many of them killed or wounded.  Among the killed terrorists was  Hussein Ajaj al-Oleiwe, leaderof one  al-Qaeda affiltaed  al-Nusra front groups , and Obeida al-Mufti.

More terrorists were killed in al-Busaraya and al-Jubaila quarters resulted in killing terrorists  Muhammad Hweij, Khaled Ahmad al-Hammad, Mahmoud al-Saleh al-Khuzam and Musaed al- Ammar.

One armed group seized a collection of archeological finds  stolen by terrorist groups in al-Jubailah quarters to the east of Badr eddine al-Afyan school.

Several terrorists were killed  and their  pickup car and weapons were confiscated  while they tried to attack   peace keeping forces unit  in Jabal Abdul Aziz area to the west of al-Hassaka city.

In  a qualitative operation  in Idleb countryside, the armed forces destroyed  concentrations  for terrorists used to stockpiling  their weapons and planning  for acts of killing and  robbery  in Maarbleed and Has town. The operation resulted  in killing terrorist Abdul Hadi Qeidounh .

In Homs the army units  carried out qualitative  operations  targeted  concentrations for  terrorists in al-Rastan city and Talbesieh countryside.

Terrorists headquarters  and hideouts were destroyed near the road linking  Jreijes and Toumin  in al-Rastan , while  army units challenged  terrorists  while attempting to attack  Housh al-Zabadi and Um Sharshouh villages  and  achieved direct hits in their ranks.

Syria Times