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Syria Condemns Massacres Committed by Turkish Regime during Its Invasion of Syrian Territories

DAMASCUS, (ST)- The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates has stressed that  the massacres and aggressive acts committed by the Turkish regime during its invasion of Syrian territories are a crime of aggression and an evident crime against humanity. The ministry has also stressed that fighting terrorism on the Syrian lands by whatever party should have been done in coordination with the Syrian government and the Syrian Arab Army, urging the Security Council to pressure the Turkish regime to withdraw its forces from the Syrian territories.

 Addressing the UN Chief and President of the Security Council in two identical letters about the horrible massacres committed by the Turkish army and its allies against civilians in two Syrian villages northern Syria, the ministry said "the Turkish army's air force and artillery in coordination with its-affiliated armed terrorist groups randomly bombarded the villages of Jeb al-Koussa and al-Amarneh in the south of Jarablus city in Aleppo. 35 civilians were martyred in the shelling, tens others were wounded and huge damage was caused to public and private properties as well as to the infrastructure of the two villages."

Evident Crime against humanity

According to the ministry, the Turkish regime's crimes and attacks are condemned by all moral and legal standards and they constitute a war crime and a crime against humanity whether these crimes were committed directly by the Turkish army or indirectly by Turkish regime's tools and terrorist agents like the so-called "Free Army" and terror groups like "Deash", "Jabhat al-Nusra"," Ahrar al-Sham",  "Nour Eddin Zinki", "Liwa al-Tauheed", "Liwa Shuhada Badr", "Liwa al-Muhajereen", "the Islamic Front" and "Western Turkistan organization".  

The ministry added that Turkey also keeps providing the terrorists with all kinds of weapons and ammunitions in addition to mercenaries of more than 100 different nationalities, pointing out that the Turkish media said on August 28, 2016 that the Turkish regime allowed more than 3000 terrorists to have access into Syria across the Syrian-Turkish borders in order to join the terrorist organizations in the country.     

"The government of the Syrian Arab Republic condemns in the strongest terms the repeated violations, attacks and massacres which have been committed by the Turkish regime against the Syrian people and against the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the Syrian state for more than five years," the ministry said.

It added that "Syria urges the Security Council member states to condemn these coward crimes and to adopt effective measures that force Erdogan to stop supporting terrorism and using it as a means to interfere in  Syria's internal affairs."

Not a single Bullet Fired against "Daesh" 

It pointed out that in its alleged anti-Deash military operation in Syria, the Turkish forces didn't fire a single bullet on Daesh terrorists, rather Deash joined the Turkish army and its terrorist allies and helped the army enter Jarablus, thereby providing a clear proof about Erdogan's regime's cooperation with Daesh and other terrorist groups.

It noted that the Turkish regime's talk about Deash expulsion from Jarablus was actually a process to replace Deash with Turkish-backed terrorist groups.    

The ministry stressed that "the French, US, British, Saudi and Qatari continuous support for the Turkish regime is but a blatant support for terrorism not only in Syria but in all countries of the world. It is also a clear-cut evidence that these countries are colluding with the Turkish regime in killing innocent people in Aleppo, Damascus, Jarablus, Lyon, Brussels and Berlin," the ministry stressed.

Fighting terrorism should be done in coordination with Syrian government and army

  "Syria reiterates that fighting terrorism on the Syrian lands by any party should have been done in coordination with the Syrian government and the Syrian army which has been bravely battling terrorism for more than five years," the ministry said, stressing that the Syrian government will spare no effort as to combat terrorism and achieve political solution to the crisis in Syria through Syrian-Syrian dialogue led by the Syrians themselves away from foreign interference and without preconditions.

Security Council Urged to Pressure Turkey to withdraw its forces from Syria

The ministry concluded the letter by saying that "the Syrian government urges the Security Council to shoulder its responsibility in keeping international peace and security and to call on Turkey to immediately withdraw from the Syrian lands, to respect Syria's sovereignty and territorial integrity and to stop supporting the terrorist groups by completely closing its borders with Syria in implementation of international legitimacy and Security Council resolutions relating to fighting terrorism, particularly resolutions Nos. 2170 and 2178 for 2014 and resolutions Nos. 2199 and 2253 for 2015.         

Hamda Mustafa