World Has Become Aware of West's Disinformation against Syria

MOSCOW, (ST)- The Presidential Political and Media Advisor Bouthaina Shaaban has stressed that the world has started to realize the extent of disinformation practiced by the West against Syria.

Speaking to Syrian media outlets on the sidelines of the Valdai Discussion Club’s Middle East Conference in Moscow on Wednesday, Shaaban said that all have realized the fact that the western media is a kind of misleading media which doesn't convey the truth.

Many western intellectuals don't believe what the western media say and they are happy to figure out the truth about Syria through listening to the viewpoints of people coming from Syria, She added.

 The political and media advisor affirmed that the United States and its allies want to prolong the war on Syria through supporting terrorism and hindering the attainment of political settlement in the country.

She hailed the current session of the Valadi conference as one of the most important ones due to the participation of tens of research centers, diplomats and intellectuals and because it was an opportunity to explain the real situation in Syria.

"We managed during the conference to explain Syria's viewpoint as well as the nature of the aggression the country has been facing over the past eight years and the role the United States and its allies are playing aiming to prolong the crisis through supporting terrorism and hindering political solution," Shaaban said.

Shaaban pointed out that the existence of the Israeli occupation in the region and the US support for this entity's occupation and terrorism besides the region's oil resources, are the reasons behind the continuity of conflicts in the Middle East. She refuted some parties' interpretation of the causes of the conflict in the region as being based on sectarian, ethnic and religious considerations.


Hamda Mustafa