Mrs. Asma Al-Assad to Mothers of Kidnapped Persons: Your Sons are Ours and Your Pain Is Ours

DAMASCUS, (ST)- On Mother's Day, March 21st, 2019, Mrs. Asma Al-Assad received a number of Syrian mothers whose kidnapped sons have not been released from abduction yet, according to the Syrian Presidency facebook page.

"Glory and Pride are to you, to your sons and to all who sacrificed for Syria to live…You as well as the mothers of the martyrs and the wounded have taught us that steadfastness, strength and even happiness despite pain are a decision we made to keep standing firm," Mrs. Asma told the mothers of the kidnapped.

 "Syria, who has been fought by all means: military, economic, social and recently electronic means, has kept steadfast and strong and it spares no effort to search for its kidnapped citizens. Those who are still alive will return whatever it costs, because it is the duty of the state to search and liberate all the kidnapped who are still alive and also to obtain information about the fate of others even if the result is painful," Mrs. Asma said.

Search for the kidnapped didn't stop even a single day. Sometimes the attempts succeed and some others they fail, she stressed.  

She added "on your Day, I don't want to say: Happy Mother's Day. I want to say that your children are ours, your pain is ours and we won't stop doing our best until your wounds are healed by the return of your sons or by knowing their fate."

Hamda Mustafa