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War on Syria not over Yet , It Continues Through Illegal Coercive Economic Measures: Al-Mikdad

DAMASCUS, (ST)- The war on Syria is not over yet and it is demonstrated today by imposing illegal unilateral coercive economic measures, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Faysal al-Mikdad said on Wednesday during the opening ceremony of the Arab Economic Exchange Forum in Damascus. Delegations from Arab and Foreign countries took part in the event.

"Syria's enemies are using cruel methods in the economic war imposed on Syria," said al-Mikdad, asking why thousands of Syrians queue for fuel because of the West's unilateral coercive economic measures and the US dictates while the Arab region gives oil to the entire world and why some oil-rich Arab states allow the death of Syrian children as a result of frost and the bad weather conditions while Arab oil is sent to all over the globe."

 Al-Mikdad called for "confronting the challenges and economic wars facing the Arab nation, implementing Arab economic agreements and activating  Arab potentials as to take  necessary measures to prevent turning the Arab homeland into isolated cantons."

"The United States, its allies and the Zionist Entity have sought weakening the Arabs and exploiting their human and economic resources. Washington has also sought demonizing the Arabs and killing them in order to maintain US and Israeli hegemony on the region," said al-Mikdad, adding that "those who don't see this fact are blind."

He described the US administration's stances on occupied al-Quds, occupied Syrian Golan and the Iranian Revolution Guard Crops as a "crime".

He clarified that the process of reconstruction in Syria has started on the first days after liberating most Syrian areas from the terrorism that systematically targeted infrastructure, stressing that Syria will be rebuilt by the joint efforts of its citizens and well as its brotherly and friendly countries.

On the file of the Syrian refuges, al-Mikdad made it clear that the Syrian state is sparing no effort as to help the Syrian refugees return home, because returning home is the only way to end their suffering, despite obstacles being placed by some countries to hinder their return with the purpose of exploiting their humanitarian situation as a political card to achieve their goals.

Hamda Mustafa