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Syria: Halting Terrorism Support, Immediate Lifting of Sanctions Are Best Way to End the Syrians' Suffering

NEW YORK, (ST)- Acting Chargé d'affairs of Syria's Permanent Mission to the United Nations Munzer Munzer said during a Security Council session on Wednesday that Syria, over the past years, has spared no effort to provide humanitarian aid and support to all citizens affected by the crisis wherever they are in the country.

He added that the crimes of the terrorist organizations , terrorism support, the unilateral coercive economic measures as well as the incessant crimes of the US-led Coalition are the main causes of the Syrians' suffering. He reiterated that Syria calls for stopping the politicization of the humanitarian file and supporting its efforts to facilitate the return of the Syrian refugees to their homeland instead of allocating billions of dollars to keep those refugees in the countries where they are staying.

 He stressed the need to join Syria's efforts to rid the people in Idleb of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist organization and its affiliated terror groups which are using the citizens there as human shields.

Munzer went on to say that Syria has adopted all procedures necessary to evacuate the people trapped in Rukban camp in al-Tanf area and end their suffering, but the United States and its affiliated terrorists continue to take thousands of Rukban camp residents as hostages.

He made it clear that the only way to end the Syrians' suffering and improve their living conditions is by halting the support provided by some countries for  terrorism and by the immediate lifting of illegal coercive economic measures which are being used to serve certain political agendas.

Munzer clarified that some Security Council member states are still practicing hypocrisy regarding the Syrian issue. They don't want to work as to put an end to the crisis in Syria, rather, they are willing to continue using terrorism, investing in terrorist groups and imposing economic siege on the Syrians, he said.

Hamda Mustafa