Crisis in Syria Will End Once US Withdraws Its Occupying Forces from the Country: Senator Black

MOSCOW, (ST)- US Senator Richard Black has stressed that the crisis in Syria will end quickly once the United States withdraws its forces for the Syrian territories.

In a statement to the Russian Novosti news agency published on Thursday, Black said "if we leave Syria the crisis will end very quickly and stability will be restored to the country so the people can live comfortably."

He added that the crisis would have immediately ended if the US and its allies had stopped interfering in its affairs and hadn't built bases in northeastern Syria and in al-Tanf."

He criticized calls for discussing the Syrian constitution, affirming that the current Syrian constitution guarantees "the freedom of religion, women rights and the sovereignty of law."  

 The Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates have repeatedly affirmed that the presence of the US forces or any other foreign military presence in Syria without the permission of the Syrian government constitutes an aggression on the Syrian sovereignty and a flagrant violation of the Charter and the principles of the United Nations.The ministry also called for an immediate an unconditional withdrawal of US forces from Syria.

Hamda Mustafa