The damage to the electricity network in Morek by terrorism exceeds two billion SP

ST-Hama Electricity Company estimated the damages of the electrical network in the town of Morek due to terrorist attacks by about 2 billion SP.

The most damaged areas are the east and west farms of Morek, Lahaya, Al-Bweida, Marakba, Al-Masasneh and Wadi Al-Dawrat districts.

Engineer Mohammed Al-Raidi, General Manager of the company, said that they put an emergency plan in place to deliver electricity to the towns of Morek and Khan Sheikhoun through the establishment of an electrical conversion center in each of the two towns at a cost of 380 million SP.

Al-Raidi said that the workshops of the company started the construction of 3 electrical conversion centers in Al-Baath and Al-Qusour neighborhoods in Hama city and in the town of Horat Amorin in Al-Ghab area.