Over 28.000 Syrian displaced citizens have returned from Jordan since last October

DARAA,(ST)_Over 28.000 Syrian displaced citizens have returned from refugees camps in Jordan to Syria since the mid of last October, according to the Head of Immigration Center at the Nasib border crossing colonel Mazen Ghandour .

His remark was made today after the return of a new batch of Syrian displaced citizens through the Nasib crossing.

According to the Syrian News Agency (SANA), the concerned parties have offered facilities to the returned citizens and helped them to convey their belongings and baggage to their homes which they previously left due to terrorist organizations' practices.

Abdul Hakim Barghash, one of the returned citizens, who left his home in Inkhel city in Daraa province called on all displaced people to return to the homeland and to take part in rebuilding it.

Another returned citizen, Zaki al-Qasim, who is also from Inkhil city, expressed his pleasure at returning his home several years after force displacement. "I will register my children in school to continue their study in order to rebuild what has been destroyed by terrorists," he asserted.

On her part, Ilham al-Qasim said that homeland is the most precious possession.

Mohammad Ibrahim, from al-Ghareyeh al-Gharbeyeh town in Daraa province, said that he fled his home because of terrorism and difficult circumstances imposed by armed gangs. While, his son Abdullah referred to the suffering of displaced people in refugees camps.

Basma Qaddour