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Prime Minister: Syria will overcome its predicament

DAMASCUS, (ST)_Prime Minister Imad Khamis has underscored that the major victories, which have been achieved by Syrian army and its allies over the past two years, have pushed the enemies of Syria to escalate military and economic wars. 

Speaking before the Parliament [The People's Assembly] in Damascus, the premier made it clear that the major victories of Syrian army and its allies manifested in liberating a large area from terrorist groups.

"During the achievement of these victories the hostile forces deliberately escalated their wars on our country through igniting several fronts, mainly the Turkish occupation of many areas in the north of Syria," Khamis said.

He went on to say: "The hostile forces also tightened embargo on Syria in parallel with the overt decision of the US Administration to loot the Syrian oil and to back internal unrest in several neighboring countries."  

The premier asserted that the hostile forces' measures have economic repercussions, which aim to force the citizens to protest against their state and to make the living condition worse.

"The Syrian state faces difficulties in ensuring oil derivatives and food because of the hostile states' measures that hinder the implementation of economic programs and plans in Syria," he declared.

But he asserted that the government is exerting every possible effort to deal with the repercussions of the sanctions on the Syrian citizens.

"Actually the restoration of a lot of areas necessitate providing these areas with services they need," Khamis added, affirming that the development and productive projects carried out by the Syrian government in the past years have helped reduce the effects of the economic sanctions being imposed on the country.

Rebuilding national economy

"The government has worked on implementing the strategies of rebuilding the national economy in accordance with national requirements and interests. It has focused on developing national resources and capabilities besides rationalizing spending," the PM argued.

He reiterated that Syria, which previously succeeded in overcoming the illegal sanctions and wars Imposed on it, will overcome the current war and will archive victory.

Basma Qaddour