Terrorists continue to prevent civilians from leaving through humanitarian corridors of Idlib and Aleppo to safe areas

Terrorist organizations in Idlib countryside and Aleppo southern countryside continued on Sunday to use civilians as human shields and prevent them from leaving through the humanitarian corridors in Abu al-Dahour, al-Habit, and al-Hader to  safe areas that the Syrian Arab army liberated from terrorism.

SANA correspondents stated that the parties concerned, in cooperation with the army units, provided the three humanitarian corridors with all logistical requirements to receive civilians wishing to leave the governorate, but the terrorist organizations continued to detain them and prevent them from leaving by all criminal means as well as threatening those trying to head to the corridors in order to use them as human shields.


“The citizens are persistently attempting to leave the terrorists- held areas after the worsening of their humanitarian situation as a result of the practices of terrorist groups against them”, SANA correspondent reported. “The terrorists worked to deploy a number of terrorists to monitor the roads leading to the corridors and arrest all people trying to leave in order to intimidate civilians and force them to remain under their command”.

In the previous days, terrorist organizations targeted the humanitarian corridors three times with rocket-propelled grenades, in an attempt to prevent civilians wishing to leave.

Inas Abdulkareem