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Turkish regime builds a new separation wall in Syria, plans to give Turkish nationality to its dead mercenaries' families

The Turkish occupation forces and their mercenaries have started building a separation wall in the west of Tal Abyad city in the northern countryside of Raqqa.

The city of Tal Abyad is under the Turkish regime's occupation.

According to Damascus-based al-Watan newspaper, the Turkish regime has put prefabricated concrete blocks between the towns of Kandaleh and Jableh, which are located 1km away from the south of Turkish border. This wall will connect with another wall previously built on the border.

On the other hand, the Turkish regime will give the Turkish nationality to the wives and children of 350 ' National Army' terrorists, who were killed during their fight alongside the Turkish occupation forces in Syria.

If the dead terrorist was not married, the nationality would be given to his parents and his brothers, who are single.

The families of the dead terrorist will also get a free flat and compensations up to 40.000 Turkish Lira.

The files of dead terrorists' families are under study and they have to make interviews with Turkish regime's representatives to check their data.

Basma Qaddour