Russian and Syrian army forces target terrorist organizations only, says Russian FM

Moscow, (ST) - The director of the department of new calls and threats Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Tarabrin, emphasized that Russian and Syrian forces target terrorist organizations only in their operations.

"We have declared more than once that neither Russia nor the Syrian army  are bombing the civilian population and all strikes are directed at terrorist formations only and those who have and carry arms and fight the legitimate authorities," Tarabrin said in an interview with the Russian agency Sputnik today.

Russian presidential spokesman Dimitri Peskov confirmed yesterday that the terrorist attacks from Idlib are unacceptable and should not be allowed to continue.

The Syrian Arab Army units and their allied forces continue their intensive operations against terrorist gatherings and their headquarters in the Idlib countryside and Aleppo, causing heavy losses to them.

Raghda Sawas