Fallouh: Syria is fighting terrorism on its own territories

NEW YORK, (ST)- Acting Charge de-Affairs of Syria's Permanent Mission to the UN Louay Fallouh has stressed that Syria is fighting terrorism on its own territories and in will continue the fight until every inch of the Syrian land is liberated.

During a Security Council meeting on Wednesday on the situation in Syria, Fallouh said that some UN Security Council member states try to exploit this international platform to promote baseless allegations against the Syrian state to impede its efforts and prevent it from doing its constitutional duty in protecting its citizens from terrorist acts.

He stressed that Erdogan’s outlaw regime continues its aggression on Syrian territories in an attempt to save its terrorist tools.

He said that Sochi and Astana agreements on de-escalation have excluded the terrorist organizations from any ceasefire and stressed the Syrian state's right to continue confronting terrorism on its lands.

He pointed out that the suffering of the Syrian citizens in Idleb has recently exacerbated because the Turkish regime has delivered huge amounts of weapons, ammunitions and military equipments to the terrorists through what it called "humanitarian corridors", targeted residential areas and some military points and provided military support for the terrorists who are using civilians as human shields.

The Syrian diplomat reviewed Syria's recent achievements in the fight against terrorism, including the liberation of Aleppo northern and western countryside from takfiri terrorists, stressing that these gains will reflect positively on the country's security situation and on citizens' life.

Syria has been keen on protecting its citizens and what is required now is to help it carry out this task, not to siege it and distort its image, Fallouh said, expressing astonishment that some countries in the Security Council defend the terrorists and ignore their crimes.

He made it clear that thousands of Syrians have begun to return to their areas of original residence in the liberated areas in Aleppo, Idleb and Hama, urging all displaced Syrians, who were forced to leave their villages because of terrorism, to return home.

Fallouh reaffirmed that the political process in Syria should be owned and led by the Syrians only without any foreign interference, stressing that all countries should commit themslevs to Syria's sovereignty and territorial integrity.

He reiterated that finding a solution to the crisis in Syria necessitates eliminating terrorism and putting an end to the aggressive and interventionist practices of the countries that support terrorism in the country.     

Hamda Mustafa