Travelers on board first flight to Aleppo International Airport stress Aleppo will restore its economic glory

DAMASCUS, (ST)-Many Syrian citizens as well as expatriates and journalists, who were on board of the first flight that landed on Wednesday in Aleppo International Airport following more than eight years of hiatus, have stressed that Aleppo is returning gradually to normal life in order to restore its economic glory as Syria's biggest and most important industrial and trade center.

Some of the travelers expressed their great happiness over the new achievement.

  Safaa Mohammad, correspondent of "Sawt al-Arab" channel, said that launching the first flight to Aleppo International Airport in eight years is a great economic and social achievement that would facilitate the movement between Aleppo and other Syrian provinces on the one hand and Aleppo and other countries of the world on the other.

"This victory couldn't have been achieved without the sacrifices of the hero soldiers of the Syrian Arab Army who restored security to the city of Aleppo," she said.

 Rajab al-Ali, a Syrian expatriate in Belgium who is on a visit to his homeland, said "the victory in Aleppo is a strategic turning point and a new step towards a strong economy," noting that re-operating the airport is very important and necessary for the economic , trade and industrial activities in Syria.

He stressed his confident that the Syrian army will win the battle against terrorism after driving all the terrorist groups out of Syria.

Director of Civil Aviation in Syria Basem Mansour said that all procedures have been taken to prepare the airport for receiving all flights, affirming that re-operating the airport constitutes a strong comeback of economy and trade in Syria

Hamda Mustafa