Some displaced families inspect their houses in Aleppo northwestern countryside recently liberated by the Syrian Army

 Aleppo, (ST)- Some displaced families on Thursday inspected their houses and properties in Hayan and Hreitan towns in Aleppo northwestern countryside after the Syrian Arab Army liberated these towns from takfiri terrorists.

SANA reporter in Aleppo said that the locals of the two liberated towns entered the area to inspect the condition of their houses while technical workshops were still doing their job in removing the barricades left by terrorists.

The locals talked to SANA, thanking the Syrian army over the sacrifices it offered to restore security to the area after expelling the terrorists who had committed horrible crimes against the residents and looted their properties.

Some of the locals who didn't leave Hreitan town when it was under the control of the terrorist groups, explained the catastrophic situation that prevailed in the town because of the terrorists' practices. They pointed out that the terrorist groups destroyed the schools, the agricultural guidance unit, the clinic and the infrastructure of the town.

Hamda Mustafa