The Syrian Army achieved major advance against terrorists in Idleb countryside, reestablished control over several areas: General Command

DAMASCUS, (ST)- Syrian Arab Army units deployed in Idleb southern countryside have achieved major advance against terrorist foreign-backed terrorist organizations and recaptured several areas after inflicting heavy losses upon the terrorists and their weapons, according to the General Command of the Army.

 “Our brave soldiers managed during the past few days to reestablish control over a number of towns, villages and strategic hills, including Kafrnubol, Kafr Sijneh, Sheikh Mustafa, Rakaya Sijneh, Maaret Muqas, Maarzita, Hass, Maaret Hermeh, Der Sonbol, al-Dar al-Kabira, Hazarin, Shenshrah and Ba’arbo in Idleb countryside, flowing clashes with terrorist groups that eliminated many terrorists and cut off their supply routes, the General Command said in a statement on Wednesday.

The army’s new achievement is very important because the newly liberated areas were the fortified depth of terrorism in Idleb southern countryside and they constituted a link between Jabal Shahshabo and Sahl al-Ghab (al-Ghab plain) areas on the one hand and between the countryside of Hama and Idleb, Jabal al-Zaweya and Jabal al-Arabeen areas and Sahl al-Ghab on the other, the command added.

The Command reaffirmed that the Syrian army will continue to do its national duty in fighting terrorism until the entire Syria territory is liberated.

Hamda Mustafa