Insurgency in Ghweran prison in Hasaka and terrorists from (ISIS) on the loose

Al-Hasakah, (ST) - Local sources revealed that there was insurgency which led to chaos in a prison that includes thousands of "ISIS" terrorists controlled by Qasd "SDF" groups which are  supported by the American occupation forces. Local sources revealed also that a number of the Takfiri organization "ISIS" terrorists escaped from the prison.

SANA correspondent in Al-Hasakah quoted the sources as saying that disobedience and chaos occurred in Ghweran prison in Al-Hasakah, which is controlled by "Qasd" groups, which includes nearly 3,000 ISIS terrorists.

The sources pointed out that the illegal international coalition warplanes hovered over the area and threw luminous bombs referring to the escape of a number of prisoners from "ISIS" terrorists towards the southern countryside of Hasaka.

Ghweran prison which was supervised by the American occupation includes about 3000 ISIS terrorists of various nationalities, in addition to a number of civilians who have been arrested by Qasd "SDF" groups.

Raghda Sawas