The Ministry of Health equips fourteen centers for treating Corona infections

The Ministry of Health has equipped fourteen medical isolation centers to treat the novel Coronavirus infections in various governorates, equipping them with all the requirements for patient care and for the protection of medical and technical personnel.

Dr. Ali Moussa, Director of the National Hospital of Zabadani in Damascus countryside, which was equipped as a center for medical isolation on March 21, confirmed that the hospital is equipped to provide care and treatment for people who have been infected with the novel virus through a specialized medical staff comprising two hundred and twenty personnel of doctors, nurses and technicians. He indicated that the cadres have been trained on the procedures related to medical isolation and patient care, as well as providing all preventive requirements for them, including suits, masks and sterilization when entering and leaving the hospital to ensure the protection of their families and people who are in touch with them as well.


Dr. Moussa noted that the management of corona infections differs according to each  patient’s condition, whether in terms of drug therapy or the need for respiratory support or intravenous fluids, indicating that the admission of patients (aside from ones suffering from corona)  in all hospital departments has stopped.

The head of the doctors residing in the hospital, Dr. Hammam Ismail, stated that the hospital is fully equipped with a capacity of 100 beds, and that two sections were allocated for intensive care.

Ismail considered that the medical cadres in Syria today face a new challenge in addressing the Coronavirus and in proving their efficiency in an experience that has its own stamp as it occurs for the first time and to participate in studies and research alongside doctors around the world, expressing confidence in their capabilities after they proved their efficiency during the years of the terrorist war on Syria despite the difficult circumstances.


Inas Abdulkareem