Syrian army foils ISIS terrorists' infiltration attempt into eastern Badia in Homs

HOMS, (ST)_The Syrian army has foiled ISIS terrorists' infiltration into the eastern Badia in Homs countryside. 
According to Damascus-based al-Watan mewspaper, Syrian army units monitored yesterday an attempt of infiltration by an armed ISIS terrorists from al-Waer area and al-Sekhneh area in the eastern Homs countryside. 
The newspaper quoted a field source in Homs countryside as saying that the army units clashed with the ISIS terrorists and forced them to run away. 
Moreover, the army units clashed with ISIS terrorists in the vicinity of  one of the Syrian army's positions to the east of the third station in the same region in parallel with artillery fire on the remnants of terrorists' sites. 
Many ISIS terrorists were killed and injured.
Basma Qaddour