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US occupation forces transport many Imprisoned ISIS terrorists from Syria to Iraq

HASAKA, (ST)_ Six vehicles affiliated to the US occupation forces have entered from Iraq and moved towards one of the prisons to the east of Shdadi city in Hasaka province to transport ISIS terrorists. 
The US vehicles returned to Iraq after they picked up many imprisoned ISIS terrorists. 
On April 27, the US  occupation forces transported ISIS terrorists from Shdadi city in Hasaka province to Iraq.  
In the same context, it was reported that imprisoned ISIS terrorists rioted and took control of a prison in northeast Syria for several hours. 
"The riot began Saturday at a prison in the city of Hassakeh, one of the largest facilities where ISIS members are held, and control was reestablished Sunday evening," said Kino Gabriel, a spokesman for the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces.
A two-day riot and takeover of the same prison in late March allowed four extremists to escape, although they were caught a day later.
There are about 10,000 imprisoned  ISIS terrorists. Among the detainees are some 2,000 foreigners whose home countries have refused to repatriate them, including about 800 Europeans.
Basma Qaddour