A PV power station in service in Sweida

One of the renewable energy projects that reflects the importance of investing in this field for its  key role in securing energy alternatives is the PV power plant that was put into service on Wednesday  in the town of Qanawat in the countryside of Sweida province.

According to the Director  of  Sweida Electricity Company, Eng. Nidal Nofal, this station is an addition to five stations that work with photovoltaic energy in the governorate, with a capacity of 30 kilowatt hours per station. The daily grid is supplied between 800 and 1000 kilowatt.

The cost of the station, according to its investor, Mohamed Ayoub, amounts to SYP 60 million  since its inception, indicating that this project is one of the clean and environmentally friendly projects, and investing in it is good in terms of productivity and benefit for the investor and the residents of the town  at the same time.

According to the representative of the executing company, Eng. Montaser Abu Jib  the plant was designed by using high-tech solar panels .

On his part,  head of  Qanawat town Council  Osama Al-Hajari noted the importance of generalizing and investing in these projects , indicating that this  station  is the second in the town after putting a neighboring station with a capacity of 30 kWh into service during the last period.

Rawaa Ghanam