"Sons of the Sun" activities launched throughout the Syrian cities to mark the International Day for Street Children

With the support of the Ministry of Labor  and Social Affairs and the Ministry of Culture and under the auspices of the Syrian Commission for Family and Population Affairs, the activities of the "Sons of the Sun" event  was launched yesterday by the "Saiyar" project in most of the Syrian governorates.

It is an event that" Saiyar" used to organize  on the first of July  to address the community of this category of children who do not enjoy family care and suffer from several social problems, as well as to shed light on the dangers that resulted from wars or poor living conditions.

"Sons of the Sun" started from several places in Damascus and its countryside, encompassing Tartous, Lattakia, Jableh, Hama, Aleppo, Salmiya, Masyaf, As-Sweida,  as "Saiyar" teams offered gifts to children on the street, in the places, where they used to be. 

The event includes various activities aimed at children in public places and parks, but with the spread of the  Corona and in an effort to ensure the safety of children and volunteers, "Saiyar "decided to launch the event on Social Media from 8 to 29 July under the title "The solution is not just money", so that the community and the concerned authorities begin to develop solutions  dealing with the  urgent issue of the streets children.

On the activities of this year, Ghaith Obaidi, coordinator of activities and events, said, "We did not expect that we could even hold" the sons of the sun "activity this year because of the Corona epidemic and the related precautionary measures as our activities are gatherings and group activities. We met with the administrators and devised appropriate solutions to these situations and we suggested that we will organize "sons of the sun", this time but it will not be directed at children this time ,but rather to society, because people in the past days have been fed up with the phenomenon of begging and homelessness and they have become in need to real solutions, so for these reasons, the "Sons of the Sun" event was launched on Social Media this year."

Obaidi went on to say: "The "Saiyar" project" considers that offering  financial  assistance to the street  children will increase their numbers by bringing new children to the street through their exploiters and their families, stressing the need to create national government and private centers to develop specialized education programs and community policies that contribute to reducing this phenomenon".

Lama Al-Nahhas, is one of the "Saiyar" founders , said: “Every year, and at this particular time, children are accustomed that "Saiyar" volunteers offer them gifts, play games with them and carry out various activities to make them happy. But this year, due to these critical circumstances, we gave them simple gifts to convey a message of encouragement to those children that we are with them and we have not forgotten them, because" Saiyar" is their second family.

"This year we will launch a campaign on Social Media entitled "The solution is not just money" with the aim of finding solutions that people propose to  eliminate this phenomenon, as well as  raising awareness about the most appropriate behavior that every person should follow in dealing with these children, the means of stimulating the concept of school, self-esteem and assessing the importance of their role in improving society".

She went on to say: " Saiyar" is a voluntary project hosted by the Saiyar Foundation and the Syrian Commission for Family and Population Affairs and  supported by the Ministries of Labor and Social Affairs and Culture in partnership with various parties.

The project was established several years ago and is concerned with shomeless children by holding interactive, educational and awareness-raising activities so as to improve their skills.  All the concerned authorities have to create  and implement deliberate policies that guarantee an improvement in their life and limit the exploitation they are exposed to.  Today "Saiyar" is spread in the various Syrian governorates", Al-Nahhas concluded.

It is worth mentioning that International Day for Street Children has been celebrated globally since 2012, to recognize the humanity, dignity and defiance of street children in the face of unimaginable hardships.

By: Amal Farhat