Deir Ezzour: US military convoy targeted by an explosive device in eastern countryside

Deir Ezzour, (ST): A US convoy of vehicles was targeted by an explosive device as it was passing in al-Basira area in Deir Ezzour eastern countryside.
Local sources told a news reporter that the explosive device detonated as a convoy comprising several US military vehicles was passing near Essa al-Osman petrol station in al-Sabha village in Deir Ezzor’s eastern countryside.

The sources added that US occupation forces besieged the site of attack, and it is
The US occupation forces have established several illegal bases in the Syrian al-Jazira area, and conducted joint patrols with Qasad (SDF) groups which work under the occupation’s orders.
The US forces have also been bringing in convoys loaded with weapons and military equipment through illegal border crossings to strengthen their presence in the area and continue to loot petrol, mineral resources and crops.