US-backed SDF groups kidnap locals from Tal Hamis town in Hasaka countryside

HASAKA, (ST)- The US-backed Kurdish militia called the "Syrian Democratic Forces" )SDF) have kidnapped a number of locals in Tal Hamis town in Hasaka countryside.

The new crime comes amid a state of protest by the locals of the town against these groups'  continuous crimes and repressive practices which target civilians in the areas they control.

Local sources told SANA reporter that some SDF members stormed the houses of locals in Tal Hamis town, kidnapped a number of civilians and took them to unknown places on the backdrop of their participation in the ongoing protests against SDF's crimes.

The sources stressed that SDF's aggressive acts serve the agenda of the United States and its occupying forces, which have sought under the guise of fighting terrorism in Syria to employ SDF groups in implementing Washington's scheme to steal the resources of the Syrian al-Jazira region.

 During the past three days, Tel Hamis area in Qameshli city in the eastern countryside of Hasaka, has witnessed angry demonstrations against the repressive practices of the "SDF" groups, demanding their expulsion from the area.

Over the past weeks, the people of the Syrian al-Jazira region, who were fed up with the practices of "SDF" groups and their US supporters, have been protesting in many towns and villages in the countryside of Hasaka and Deir Al-Zour, demanding the expulsion of the US occupation forces and the "SDF" groups from their areas.

Hamda Mustafa