US-Backed militia threatens that it will kidnap employees of Syrian Electricity and Grain companies in Hasaka

For the ninth day running, the US-backed the 'Syrian Democratic Forces" militia [Its Arabic acronym is QASAD] prevents employees of the General Electricity Company and the Syrian Grain Corporation from entering and fulfilling their jobs in the districts of al-Nashwa and Ghweran in the city of al-Hasaka .

According to the Syrian News Agency (SANA), dozens of employees gathered outside the headquarters of the Electricity Company and Grain Corporation and called on all parties to intervene to halt the SDF's suppressive acts against the residents in Hasaka province.

The employees said the SDF threatened that they would kidnap the employees if they continue to gather outside the doors of the above mentioned headquarters.

The US-backed militia occupied, under the threat of arms, the building of the General Administration of the Syrian Establishment for Cereals in Hasaka's Ghweiran neighborhood, the headquarters of the General Company for Hasaka Electricity in al-Nashwa neighborhood, the Sports City, parts from the Youth Housing Project's buildings, the Syrian Computer Society branch, the Directorate of Industry, Tourism and Environmental Affairs, the Hasaka Traffic Branch, the Civil Registration Directorate and the Commercial Bank.

Basma Qaddour