"QASAD" groups obstruct the arrival of flour to Al-Baath bakery in Qamishli

“Qasad” groups linked to the American occupation continue their violations against the people, as they obstructed today the arrival of flour to Al-Baath bakery in Al-Qamishli city in Hasaka countryside, which caused a severe bread crisis.

Engineer Obaida Ali, Director of the Syrian Grain Establishment- Hasaka Branch,  confirmed in a statement to SANA that the “SDF” groups supported by the American occupation forces prevent the arrival of flour and prevent the Establishment’s trucks from delivering it to Al-Baath bakery, which is the main bakery for securing bread for the city’s residents. "Qasad" caused a significant shortage in the quantities that reach the bakery, which led to a bread crisis.


Director of Al-Baath Bakery Sattam Al-Mahmoud said that the bakery allocations amount to 18 tons per day. With the increase of production, the allocations were increased to reach 21 tons per day to meet the growing demand on bread, but the practices of “Qasad” groups obstruct the arrival of supplies, which has caused the bread crisis witnessed today.

The "SDF" groups backed by the American occupation, during the last few days, , stole by force of arms 45 tons of flour from Al-Hasaka mill.

Inas Abdulkareem