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Syria and Iran sign a comprehensive military and security cooperation agreement

DAMASCUS, (ST)_ Syria and Iran signed on Wednesday a comprehensive military and security cooperation agreement .
The agreement was signed after several meetings held between  the two sides and chaired by Syrian Minister of Defense General Abdullah Ayoub and Chief of Staff of Iran's Armed Forces Major General Mohammad Bagheri.
The two sides affirmed in a joint final statement the continuity of coordination to confront the increasing challenges, mainly the Takfiri terrorism that is backed by regional and international powers.
In a joint press conference held in Damascus, Gen. Ayoub described the Syrian-Iranian relation as 'firm strategic relations". "Bilateral military and security cooperation will continue and it includes all fields despite the increasing pressures and threats," he said.
The minister stressed that Syria will face all new challenges with more adherence to principles and it will work on overcoming the new chapter of the open war with the help of Syrian people and Syria's friends and allies, who are keen on combating all forms of terrorism.
On his part, Maj Gen Bagheri said that the people of the region, the axis of resistance, Iran and Syria are determined to develop and strengthen military, security and defense relations .
"The agreement which was signed today boosts our determination to enhance joint cooperation," he stated.
Yesterday, a high-ranking military delegation headed by Maj Gen Bagheri arrived in Damascus upon an invitation from the Syrian Defense Minister.
Basma Qaddour