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US occupation forces smuggle 35 tanks loaded with stolen Syrian oil to Iraqi territories

HASAKA, (ST)- The US occupation forces continue to steal and smuggle Syrian resources in the areas they occupied in the Syrian  al-Jazira region.

Last night, the occupation forces smuggled a convoy of 35 tankers carrying stolen Syrian oil to the Iraqi territories across an illegal crossing.

Local sources told SANA reporter that 35 vehicles including tankers, carrying stolen Syrian fuel, in addition to several trucks crossed into the Iraqi territories from Syria via al-Walid illegal crossing in the countryside of al-Yaroubeyya in the northeast of Hasaka.

 The American occupation forces and the US-backed Kurdish militia called Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) intend to plunder and steal Syrian resources and to tighten the economic siege on the Syrians to starve them.

Hamda Mustafa