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The headquarters of the Syrian Establishment for Grain in Hasaka regained after 16-day seizure by US-backed SDF groups

HASAKA, (ST)- Following 16 days of sit-in in protest against the aggressive and provocative acts of the US-backed Syrian-Democratic Forces (SDF), the workers of the Syrian Establishment for Grains (The Syrian for Grains) managed to regain the headquarters of their workplace in Ghewran neighborhood in the city of Hasaka which was captured by SDF groups 16 days ago.

Director General of the "Syrian for Grains" Youssef Hussein Qasem told SANA reporter that the building was completely regained thanks to follow up efforts by concerned authorities and to the strong determination of the employees to restore their workplace.

 He pointed out that the workers entered the building and resumed their work.

In the meantime, the workers of the General Company for Electricity in al-Nashwa neighborhood in Hasaka continued with their sit-in in front of the company's building, which was also seized by SDF 16 days ago.  

The workers demanded the SDF groups to leave the company to help them continue providing services to all citizens of Hasaka province.

Director General of the company Anwar Okla, confirmed to SANA reporter that the workers will continue with their sit-in front of the company until they recover it and return to their works.

Hamda Mustafa