Pedersen announces the resumption of the constitutional committee meetings this afternoon

Geneva, (ST) - The Special Envoy of the United Nations Secretary-General to Syria Geir O. Pedersen announced the resumption of the constitutional committee meetings this afternoon, after the health authorities confirmed the possibility of resuming it.

Pedersen said in a statement today, that after the next additional test and more medical advice and experts regarding four previous positive tests for Coronavirus, the Office of the Special Envoy was formally informed by the relevant health authorities that the nature of these cases shows that the third round of the committee meetings can resume its meetings with full spacing and related precautions.

He added, that after consulting with the co-chairs and members of the committee, the meetings will resume at two o'clock this afternoon at the United Nations Palace in Geneva.

On Monday, the United Nations announced the suspension of the meetings of the mini-committee emanating from the expanded committee for the discussion of the constitution in Geneva, following the discovery of coronavirus infections among the participating delegations.


Raghda Sawas