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An armed Qasad militia man was shot dead by unknown persons near the town of Al-Hol, east of Hasaka

Hasaka,(ST)-Operations targeting the "Qasad" militia, supported by the American occupation forces, and carried out by unknown persons continued in the various areas where this militia is deployed, where one Qasad militia man  was killed today by unknown bullets in Hasaka countryside.

SANA's correspondent in Hasaka, quoting local sources, stated that unknown assailants fired automatic weapons at one of the Qasad militia gunmen, killing him near Al-Hol town in the eastern countryside of Hasaka.

Yesterday, two armed men from the "Qasad militia" were killed in an armed attack on one of its points in the northern countryside of Raqqa.

The attacks on the headquarters and the hubs of movement of the mercenaries of the American and Turkish occupations in the Al-Jazira region have taken an upward trend in recent times and have resulted in many deaths and injuries in their ranks , and the destruction of many of their vehicles.

Haifaa Mafalani