The Chinese ambassador to Syria: Syria is a close friend and we are keen to bolster the distinguished cooperation between the two countries

Chinese Ambassador to Syria Feng Biao considered that Syria is a close friend, dear partner and good brother to China in the process of establishing  a community of common future and establishing international relations between the two countries.

In his special  speech to  Al-Watan newspaper, Biao indicated that next year will coincide with the 65th  anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Syria and China, saying: “My country is keen to continue distinguished cooperation with Syria in bilateral and multilateral fields, and to respect the social systems and development ways that the Syrian people have been established with their  independent will. China works to further deepen cooperation in all fields, to strengthen friendship between the two peoples, to refuse intervention in the internal affairs of other countries, to confront unilateralism, hegemony and power politics. China seeks to be an example in establishing international relations of a new type and establishing a common future for mankind”.


“China calls for the establishment of international relations of a new kind, in order to establish an international community based on mutual respect, justice, fairness, cooperation and mutual gain, which completely refutes old mindsets such as the “hegemony of great powers”. China is not the former Soviet Union and it does not want to be and cannot be the second America, whatever its development is.  China will not seek hegemony, will not resort to expansion, and will not work to lay down areas of influence”, the Ambassador stated. “Since the founding of the People's Republic of China, no war or conflict has erupted, nor has it attacked an inch of the land of other countries. Rather, China has become the second largest country in the United Nations in terms of financial contribution to daily business and peace-keeping operations. It topped the permanent members of the Security Council in terms of the number of soldiers participating in peacekeeping operations, and participated in the resolution processes of all hot issues at the international and regional levels. This year marks the 75th  anniversary of the founding of the United Nations. We learned from experiences and lessons during this period that the world is witnessing many big problems and a continuous increase in global challenges which must be settled through dialogue and cooperation. Consultation must be the better way to solve international issues, and cooperation and solidarity have become the common factors of the international community. In this process, China will continue to work for safeguarding world peace, defending the international system and boosting globalization”.

 “Some countries, especially some Western politicians and scholars, are unable to  rid themselves of the old mentalities of international relations, such as the cold war mentality and a zero-sum game. This indicates their lack of knowledge of China and the world today,” Ambassador Biao added . “There is an increasing difficulty in interpreting today's world with the theories of traditional international relations. The mentalities such as the belief in force and a zero-sum game are deviating from the trend of the times more and more, and humanity has entered a new era of communication and interdependence, in which the interests and destinies of states are linked.”

Inas Abdulakreem