Syrian Arab army imposes control over Raqqa's Ayn Issa town, advances in Barzeh suburb

PROVINCES,(ST)_Fresh developments were reportedly notched up today against foreign- backed terrorists in the country's northern and southern provinces.

The first development is summarized by officially declaring that Ayn Issa town, located just 55 Km north-west of Raqaa city, became under the army's control after crushing terrorists who were wrecking havoc on it.

While the second came few hours later as the army imposed control over two quarters -al-Sweda and Talet alMestah- in Barzeh suburb, east of Damascus countryside.

The third occurred in  northern Aleppo province when the armed forces took control of several buildings in the quarters of Saif alDawleh and al-Zebdeyeh.

These developments coincided with shelling many of the terrorists' hideouts in several areas outside Damascus, Aleppo, Homs, Der Ezzour, and Daraa.

12 terrorists killed outside the capital

As many as 10 terrorists and 2 ringleaders were eliminated in the operations launched outside the capital in  Eastern Ghouta (in al-Khameseyeh and Der Salman towns), and the eastern suburbs of Damascus countryside (in Harasta, alQabon, Jobar, and Barzeh) as well as the southern ones (in alDyabeyeh area).

However, clashes broke out in the old city of Aleppo and the surrounding of Aleppo central prison which resulted in killing an unknown number of foreign-backed terrorists.

More terrorists were reportedly perished in several quarters and towns in the central Homs province when the armed forces targeted their hideouts.

Mopping-up operations in Homs

On the other hand, the armed forces found mortar shells, booby-traps and tunnels during mopping up operations in the farms surrounding al-Qaryatain city (in Homs)on which the army imposed control yesterday.

3 terrorist ringleaders eliminated in Der Ezzour

In the Eastern Der Ezzour province, at least 3 terrorist ringleaders and many  gangsters were killed when they tried to attack a garrison in alMre'eueh town.

An official source stated that other terrorists were killed during clashes in al-Hwiqa, al-Hamedeyeh, al-Sena'a, and al-Ardi quarter, adding that weapons of the terrorists at al-Seyaseh quarter in the city were destroyed by a unit of the armed forces.

In Lattakia countryside, a unit of the armed forces eliminated a terrorist ringleader from Libya and many gangsters in a qualitative operation.

The operation, according to a military source, resulted also in destroying an explosive-laden car and heavy machine guns. 

Another terrorist ringleader from Jordan and lots of gangsters were reportedly killed in Sison town in the southern Daraa province. 

Terrorists quarrel over splitting loots 

Meanwhile, quarrels broke out among terrorist groups in al-Msefreh town (in Daraa province) and al-Mayadeen city (in Der Ezzour province) over splitting loots which ended in the death of dozens of terrorists.

Terrorists shoot down a helicopter

In another incident, terrorists shot down a helicopter carrying civil employees from the Education Ministry and basic education certificate - exam papers over Nubl city in Aleppo province.

Prime Minister, Dr.Wael al-Halqi, condemned the terrorist attack which caused the martyrdom of the helicopter's crew and 7 educational members. 

Explosion in Kesweh town

In the evening, the Syrian TV reported that at least 10 citizens have been wounded by detonation of an explosive device pasted to a car in al-Kesweh town outside Damascus.

An official source clarified that the explosive device pasted to a car parking at al-Kesweh square was detonated by remote control.

"Ten citizens were wounded and several shops  damaged at the scene," the source added.