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Syrian Human Rights Organization Testimonies on Lattakia Countryside Massacres

 BEIRUT,(ST)_Syria 's  Human Rights  Defense Organization held a press conference in Beirut yesterday to present and disclose  massacres that took place in Lattakia  countryside by the  armed terrorist groups in August  , with a testimony  confirming terrorists  use of  toxic substances and chemical weapons .

The conference, which  was advised to be convened by the  Human Rights Commission in Geneva, included  testimonies on  the crimes committed by the terrorist groups and their violation of human values .

Abdul Hadi Shehadeh  spoke about the massacres committed by the terrorists in Lattakia countryside , which claimed the lives of hundreds of martyrs and wounded and  missing  of  115 persons , including 68 children , 60 of them under the age of ten , presenting the  case before  humanitarian organizations and the international community .

Testimonies were given by  poet Talal Salim, whose  wife and children  were kidnapped by  the terrorist , Nawar Darwish who lost his family, Jadallah Qaddour and lawyer Thabet Darwish.

The  conference coordinator ,  writer and researcher Nabil Fayyad, Chairman of the" Justice " Party  said that  all  strata of the Syrian civil society suffer from  the Takfiri terrorist groups and the so-called al-Nusra Front  , as  these groups are committing  massacres and crimes all over Syria, with the support of the countries responsible for shedding the  Syrian blood .

Fayyad added :  "  By the beginning of last month ( August) , hundreds of citizens were killed,  kidnapped or missed   in Lattakia  countryside where  they  were subjected to the worst kinds of ethnic cleansing by terrorist groups,  criticizing certain  Lebanese parties which rejoice al-Nusra Front  .

On the other hand , one  man ,  Abu Omar , testified during the conference about chemical weapons used by armed terrorist groups , noting  "I saw gallons of toxic substances and chemicals on which written "Made in Saudi Arabia " and others made in Turkey," pointing out that the militants were preparing to attack  an airport near Damascus six days ago and that has the name of a place where the  chemical weapons are existed .

Abu Omar expressed his willingness to go to New York and Geneva and any place in the world to give his testimony, asserting that he has all the evidence and arguments to that  the  so - called Free Syrian Army  and the terrorist  al-Nusra Front possess  these chemical weapons.

Abu Omar said he does  not want to give the name of the place and identifies the area,  so as  they will not remove the effects of chemical substances , specifically one of the factions of the  so called free Syrian army and that he has reservations on anonymity because this faction exists only in that region.

In a speech during the conference  , Rev. Maroun  Thomas  indicated  the criminal acts committed by armed terrorist groups and the Takfiris against the Syrian people,  with all their various components and against  the  minorities in particular , as well as the men of religion in  acts of  murder , kidnapping and violations of human values , warning that  the militants are waiting to intensify their criminality  when an aggression  takes  place on Syria.

Rev.  Thomas stressed that the armed terrorist groups do not have any values , coexistence or openness to the other  party and that they  kill all the civilians on charges of blasphemy , calling on everyone to realize what is happening in Syria from our brothers in Lebanon and the world.

Worthy mentioning  that  the Syrian Human Rights Defense Organization covered the events of  the  massacres that took place in Lattakia  countryside and  sent its testified reports to  Human Rights Commission in Geneva, which advised holding a press conference in order to shed more light on these massacres .

Lists  of names of the martyrs and the  kidnapped in the massacres that took place in Lattakia countryside were  distributed in conclusion of the conference.


T. Fateh