Jibreen Village March in Support of the Syrian Army

ALEPPO, (ST)_ Celebrating the victories achieved by our armed forces , especially in Aleppo and in support of their heroism in defeating terrorists from the homeland , people of Jibreen village took its streets and squares yesterday .

Participants in the march expressed unwavering confidence in the ability of the Syrian Army to achieve victory over the enemies and terrorists involved in the war on Syria , expressing willingness to sacrifice themselves for the sake of the homeland .
They pointed out that no matter how crimes and acts of atrocities committed by terrorists and their supporters , they will not be able to undermine the will of the people of Aleppo governorate for their support to the Syrian army in the fight against international terrorism , backed by a number of Western countries , especially the US, Israel and the actors involved in this war from reactionary Arab countries.
Imad Khamis,the Electricity Minister, who participated in the event, noted the steadfastness of the people of Aleppo governorate in the face of Syria 's enemies, stressing the government's keenness to provide all service and living needs for its people, pointing out that maintenance workshops will work to re- repair and rehabilitate the electric grid and secure the village needs of basic services which the government is keen to provide in all areas in Syria.


T. Fateh