An explosive device went off in fuel tanker in Aleppo

ALEPPO, (ST)_An explosive device went off in fuel tanker in Afrin city in the northern Aleppo countryside.

According to local sources, the explosion occurred in one of the streets of Afrin city in and caused material damage to the houses and properties of residents.

Basma Qaddour

Turkish regime sets up a big military point in Hasaka and transports stolen wheat to Raqqa

HASAKA,/ RAQQA, (ST)_The Turkish occupation forces have continued to violate the international laws and to attack the Syrian territories through setting up further military points and reinforcing the positions they have occupied in Hasaka countryside, north Syria.

According to local sources, the Turkish occupation forces set up a big military point in the south of Ras Al-Ayn city in the northern countryside of Hasaka and provided it with military vehicles in parallel with reinforcing the positions , which they occupied in cooperation with their terrorist mercenaries, in the villages located between Tal Tamer and Abo Rasin cities.

Health Ministry designates Al-Assad University Hospital as a center for receiving suspected coronavirus cases

DAMASCUS, (ST)- The Ministry of Higher Education has designated Al-Assad University Hospital as a center for receiving suspected coronavirus cases and for rendering medical services to those patients for free.

The hospital has been equipped with the necessary medical tools and qualified staff to receive covid-19 suspected cases, according to Hussein al-Mohammad, Director-General of the Hospital, who stressed that necessary protection equipment were also provided to medical staff to keep them safe.

A third case of Coronavirus recovered in Syria

DAMASCUS, (ST)Health Ministry announced on Tuesday the recovery of a new case of Coronavirus registered in Syria to raise the cases recovered from the virus to 3.

“The total number of infections registered in Syria until today reached 19, three of them have recovered while two cases have died,” the Ministry said in a statement.

On March 29th the first fatality from Corona virus was confirmed in Syria. 

Basma Qaddour


Foreign Ministry: The statements of European Union officials regarding the easing of the sanctions imposed on Syria do not rise to the real level of work necessary to lift these sanctions

Syria has affirmed that the statements made by some European Union officials regarding the call to alleviate the unlawful sanctions imposed on the Syrian people do not rise to the level of real and effective action to raise them.

Syria has noted that these statements will not relieve these countries of responsibility for the impact of these sanctions in hampering efforts aimed at providing means and capabilities to the health infrastructure to face the Corona epidemic.

The Ministry of Health equips fourteen centers for treating Corona infections

The Ministry of Health has equipped fourteen medical isolation centers to treat the novel Coronavirus infections in various governorates, equipping them with all the requirements for patient care and for the protection of medical and technical personnel.

Dr. Ali Moussa, Director of the National Hospital of Zabadani in Damascus countryside, which was equipped as a center for medical isolation on March 21, confirmed that the hospital is equipped to provide care and treatment for people who have been infected with the novel virus through a specialized medical staff comprising two hundred and twenty personnel of doctors, nurses and technicians. He indicated that the cadres have been trained on the procedures related to medical isolation and patient care, as well as providing all preventive requirements for them, including suits, masks and sterilization when entering and leaving the hospital to ensure the protection of their families and people who are in touch with them as well.

The people of Hammo village and the Syrian army block a convoy of the American occupation forces in Hasaka countryside

On April 7, the Syrian Arab Army and the people of Hammo village in al-Qamishli countryside blocked a convoy of the American occupation forces that  was trying to cross through the village and forced it to withdraw and retreat to the place it came from.

Local sources in the village said that a convoy of 5 vehicles belonging to the American occupation forces was heading to Hammo village checkpoint, and it retreated and withdrew from the area after the people gathered at the Syrian Arab Army checkpoint in the village, and cooperated with the army to prevent the convoys from crossing to express their refusal of the American occupation and any illegal foreign presence on Syrian soil.